5 Tips For An Awesome Backyard Barbecue

by Robert Kalin July 11, 2019

Organic Spice Cookout

It's Summer! Which also means it's barbecue season! Here are 5 tips that will help you have the best backyard barbecue in the whole neighborhood.

Organic Spice Football

1. Bring On The Competition

People young and old love to play games. You could do a flip cup tournament or just play some classic corn hole. Whatever it is, you'll keep your guests entertained with minimal effort. Just be sure not to invite your overly competitive co-worker Mark.

Try a hotdog eating contest with our Smokey Carrot Dog Recipe using FreshJax Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt.

Organic Spice Dog

2. Make It Dog-Friendly 

Who doesn't love a doggie party? Tell all your friends to bring their K-9 pals to your barbecue! If they don't have a dog, just tell them to borrow a friend's. (Be sure to remind them to return it when they are done)

My dog loved FreshJax GrillMaster at my last barbecue. Or at least he seemed like he did when he took my burger off my plate!

3. Give It A Theme

Like 16th century renaissance! Okay, maybe not that. But a luau or superhero theme always makes for a good time. 

 You can use FreshJax Taco Seasoning to make an awesome Pineapple Salsa.

4. Have a Signature Drink

Make a big batch of a special drink just for the party. You could do a fruit punch, Moscow Mule, Cosmopolitan, or a good ol' fashion Old Fashion.

Or try The Best Margarita North of the Border with FreshJax Mesquite Lime 

Organic Spice set

5. Spice It Up

Whether it's steaks or veggies, no backyard barbecue can be complete without some FreshJax spices. With blends like Rosy Cheeks Maple Bourbon Rub and Keto Chophouse Steak Seasoning, you'll have the whole neighborhood coming over to your party!

Use code BBQ5 to get a 15% discount on your purchase!  



Robert Kalin
Robert Kalin


Robert Kalin is a Marketing Content Creator for FreshJax. He graduated from the College of Business at North Florida University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Robert loves creating fun and interesting content and has a passion for writing.

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