9 Kitchen Essentials For Back To School

by Robert Kalin August 26, 2019

9 Kitchen Essentials For Back To School

School is right around the corner, and we all know someone who is heading off to college to live in a dorm. So here is a list of the 9 must-have kitchen essentials to give to someone who is starting college this year.



 Amazon Rice Cooker

1. Rice Cooker

You're better than instant rice! Rice cookers are easy to use and a great way to help make all kinds of quick meals. 

Check out this amazing Coconut Curry Rice Recipe made with FreshJax Coconut Curry.



Amazon Air Popper

2. Popcorn Machine

This is perfect for all those dorm room movie nights. Plus it makes way better popcorn than those microwavable bags.

Be sure to try some Sriracha Popcorn made with Freshjax Organic Sriracha Spice.



 Amazon Can Opener

3. Can Opener

You'd be surprised how many people buy canned food before they realize they don't have a can opener. Do yourself a favor and snag one of the these from the store.




Organic Grilling Gift Set

4. FreshJax Organic Spices

Cooking in college can be difficult, especially cooking healthy. FreshJax makes it so much easier. We have over 30 spice blends that make healthy cooking a breeze.



Amazon Strainer

5. Strainer

We've all tried to strain pasta without a strainer. Make your life easy and pick up one of these. It can be used for pasta, rinsing fruits and vegetables, and sifting baking ingredients.


Amazon Coffee Maker


6. Coffee Maker

Let's just say that you will be getting your money's worth during finals week.

Make sure you are adding Freshjax Organic Maple Cinnamon Spice to your next cup of coffee.



Amazon Mini Fridge

7. Mini Fridge

This is perfect for meal prep and saving leftovers. It fits right under your desk making it great for late-night study snacks. Just don't let your neighbors hear about it or it will fill up really quickly. 



Amazon Water Filter

8. Water Filter

This is the easiest way to get fresh water in your dorm room. Just stick one of these under the faucet and voila, clean water. Or I guess you could drink dorm room tap water.



Pizza Cutter

9. Pizza Cutter

This is great if you decide to make your own pizza or if the place you ordered from forgets to cut yours.

If you do decide to make your own pizza, be sure to add some Freshjax Organic Italian Seasoning for an amazing flavor boost.


Use code COLLEGE to get an awesome discount at FreshJax.com


Robert Kalin
Robert Kalin


Robert Kalin is a Marketing Content Creator for FreshJax. He graduated from the College of Business at North Florida University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Robert loves creating fun and interesting content and has a passion for writing.

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