A Fool For FreshJax Organic Spices

by Kayci Liphart April 01, 2019

FreshJax Organic Spice Blends



1. Organic Rosy Cheeks on Breakfast Potatoes.


Organic Rosy Cheeks Spice on Potatoes

 Photo and Recipe: @im.emily.bean


2. I love using multiple FreshJax Organic Spices on popcorn.


 Photo and Recipe: Hillary McDonald 


3. Organic Smokey Southwest on a colorful salad.


Organic Grill Spice on Salad

 Photo and Recipe: @kayscleaneats


4. Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning on Toast.


Organic Everything Bagel Spice Recipe

Photo and Recipe: @im.emily.bean 


5. Try Organic Maple Cinnamon on delicious Easter Oats.


Organic Maple Cinnamon

 Photo and Recipe: @joyz.oatz


6. Create your personalized Shrimp Burrito Bowl with Organic Fresh Bay Seasoning.


Organic Fresh Bay Spice Recipe

Photo and Recipe: @fit_n_clean_mama


7. Meal prep with all your favorite FreshJax Organic Spices.


 Photo and Recipe: @press.startnutrition 


8. This one is for our vegan friends. Jason and Hillary use Tofu Scramble Spice Mix on tofu to make it taste like eggs.


Tofu Scramble Spice Mix Recipe

 Photo and Recipe: @veganeatswithliz


9. Use Organic Maple Cinnamon and Organic Smokey Southwest to create a delicious chili recipe.



10. Coconut Curry Chicken Salad with Organic Mild Yellow Coconut Curry.


Organic Mild Yellow Thai Coconut Curry Spice

 Photo and Recipe: @eatswithabby


11. Organic Citrus Pepper mixed in a delicious curry bowl.

Organic Citrus Pepper Spice Recipe

 Photo and Recipe: @_afreshpurefood


12. Make your own zucchini noodles with a creamy Organic Rosemary Lemon Sauce.

Organic Rosemary Lemon Spice Recipe

 Photo and Recipe: Hillary McDonald


13. Use multiple FreshJax Organic Spice Blends on lentil balls.


Organic Spices

 Photo and Recipe: @veggielexi


14. Make every day Taco Tuesday  with FreshJax Organic Taco Seasoning.


Organic Taco Spice

 Photo and Recipe: Hillary McDonald 


15. Try Organic Campfire Smokey Sea Salt in a Beer Braised Chicken Stew recipe.



16. Use your favorite FreshJax Organic Spice to clean your pool!


APRIL FOOLS! Did I fool you? Please use your favorite FreshJax Organic Spice in your favorite edible meal instead :)


17. Organic Keto Chophouse on Salmon.


 Photo and Recipe: @RushingToTheKitchen


18. FreshJax Organic Spices make great Pizza seasonings.



 Photo and Recipe: @kburg21


19. Organic Smokey Southwest adds a little kick to some yummy fries. 


  Photo and Recipe: @livinbowld


20. A Shrimp Taco Pasta Bowl would not be the same without Organic Taco Seasoning


Photo and Recipe: @fit_n_clean_mama


21. Organic Grill Master was made to be a burger seasoning, but it goes on EVERYTHING!


 Photo and Recipe: @livinbowld


22. Yes, EVERYTHING! Check out Organic Grill Master in this veggie bowl. 


Photo and Recipe: @whatsmaggieeating


23. Get creative for holidays. Use FreshJax Organic Spices to make holiday themed food. Here is a recipe for a Mardi Gras Brunch Quiche. 

 Photo and Recipe: Kayci Liphart


24. Looking for a good BBQ Pulled Jackfruit recipe? Hillary makes the best with organic Rosy Cheeks BBQ Rub!

Photo and Recipe: Hillary McDonald


25. Organic Maple Cinnamon in Protein Bars? Yes, please. 

Photo and Recipe: @Provisionsbypaige 


26. Organic Peppered Habanero Spice gives veggie kabobs the perfect amount of heat. 


27.  Use Organic Taco Seasoning to make this Egg Fritata Recipe. 

Egg Fritata Recipe

Photo and Recipe: @kburg21


28. Most of the Organic Spice Blends we offer are always a good match for your favorite greens. 


Photo and Recipe: @radiatewithrachel 


29.  I have to bring Grill Master back one more time before this amazing list comes to an end. Here is my favorite way to use Organic Grill Master :)



30.  Here is the perfect kid friendly meal that will get your family excited about summer. Smoked Cherrywood gives the perfect smoked flavor to this carrot dog meal. 


 Photo and Recipe: Hillary McDonald 


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Kayci Liphart
Kayci Liphart


Kayci Liphart is our Marketing Coordinator. She graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. With a passion to help others, she loves to create ideas that will help enhance each customer's experience at FreshJax.

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