How FreshJax Can Help You Have The Best Summer Ever!

Summer Starts Friday So We Have Created A List Of The Top 5 FreshJax Spices You Will Need To Make It The Best Summer You've Ever Had!


 Organic Burger Spice

  1. Grill Master® Organic Burger Seasoning

Grilling and summer go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have a good summer without at least one day spent grilling out. So whether you are cooking up some beef sliders or delicious veggie burgers, FreshJax Grill Master Burger Seasoning is a must have. Try it at your next cookout, and you’ll have the whole neighborhood wanting to stop by.

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Organic Barbecue Spice
  1. Rosy Cheeks: Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub

No summer is complete without some good barbeque. FreshJax Rosy Cheeks is perfect for that. The sweet and smoky flavors of maple and cherrywood smoked sea salt come together in this barbeque rub. It will go perfectly on everything from ribs to baked beans. Give it a shot at your next backyard barbeque.

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Organic Seafood Spice

  1. Fresh Bay: Seafood Seasoning

I know that I will be spending some time fishing out on the water this summer. What better way to cook my catches than with FreshJax Fresh Bay Seasoning! It’s perfect for a crab boil or just grilling up some fish. Let us know what kind of Fresh Bay inspired seafood you cook up this summer!

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Organic Sea Salt Spice

  1. Campfire: Sea Salt

Whether your camping out in the woods or just want to bring the flavors of the outdoors into you home, you’re going to want some FreshJax Campfire Sea Salt this summer. You’ll taste the smoky flavors of smoked cherrywood and a touch of heat from real red chili powder in this tasty blend. Campfire is perfect for forest fanatics and cooking connoisseurs alike.

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Organic Jerk Spice

  1. Island Spice: Jamaican Jerk

You may not be able to take the trip to Bermuda you’ve always wanted this summer, but you can still enjoy the taste of the Caribbean right in your kitchen with FreshJax Island Spice. Eleven different ingredients including cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are what make this Jamaican Jerk seasoning so delicious. Give Island Spice a try and you’ll forget all about that trip you are missing out on.

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