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January: National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

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The White House issued a Presidential Proclamation making the month of January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act (1).Ā 


This modern day slavery affects women, men, and children globally. It can be present anywhere in the United States, and can affect anyone regardless of their age, race, gender, or background. Sadly, the Human Trafficking industry is a highly profitable crime generating $150 billion a year (2).Ā 


This month, we want to bring awareness to this crisis and highlight a Jacksonville organization that is making a difference in the lives of people everywhere. We ask you to read, discuss with friends and loved ones, and take action to help put an end to human trafficking.Ā 

Rethreaded is a Jacksonville-based company that provides a second chance at life through employment for survivors of human trafficking. Their mission is to renew hope, reignite dreams, and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business.Ā 

Rethreaded creates opportunities for women to work in production, inventory, sales, marketing, and finance/admin for the company. Since the start of Rethreaded in 2012, the company has been able to employ 40 survivors and guide them through the survivor program.


On top of all that, Rethreaded operates a distribution company that sells accompanying businesses who also employ women who have found freedom from the sex trade. They are called Freedom Business Partners. Through these partners, Rethreaded has been able to help over 4,000 women!

The women of Rethreaded are living proof that there is hope with darkness; they are an inspiration to us. Take a moment to watch this video of Kris from Rethreaded sharing her journey.

Rethreaded also makes strides to educate the public about human trafficking. On their website, you can find many resources to expand your knowledge. Check out their blogsĀ to find voices of hope, common myths of human trafficking explained, and much more information about not only human trafficking, but also to stay up to date with what's going on at Rethreaded.

How to help




  • Have you ever tried our Sunrise Cowgirlā€™sĀ® Coffee Rub? This FreshJax blend sources Nicaraguan coffee beans through one of Rethreadedā€™s Freedom Business Partners! 10% of the sales from this rub are donated to Rethreaded and their mission.


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