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How Taking The Stairs Can Improve Your Life

FreshJax Is Taking The Stairs This Week In Honor of National Take The Stairs Day. Find Out The Surprising Benefits Of Taking The Stairs.


Burn Calories, Not Electricity

Are you rushing to make it to work on time? SAME! It might seem easy to just hop on the elevator, but taking the stairs actually helps the environment. It saves electricity and is usually faster than the elevator.


Climb Your Way To Better Health

Did you know that 15 minutes of stair climbing is equivalent to 30 minutes of running? I AM SERIOUS! You can use those extra 15 minutes to finish that FreshJax Organic Spice order that you left in your cart. Taking the stairs may help you climb your way to better health.

  • Can help maintain a healthy weight
  • May help cholesterol levels
  • Could increase bone strength
  • May improve your cardiovascular system
FreshJax Organic Spices National Take The Stairs Day


What are you waiting for? Start taking the stairs! Use code TAKETHESTAIRS to receive 10% off your next order. Discount codes cannot be combined with other discounted items.





Disclaimer: FreshJax does not give medical advice. You should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting any new diet program or exercise routine as results may vary. 




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