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Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Jacksonville Based Small Businesses

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Being a Jacksonville-based family business ourselves, we feel like other small businesses are a part of our family. It has been a heck of a year for everyone; small business owners have certainly been through it. So I’m calling on all of my fellow Jaxtopians to shop locally this year. Whether you are ahead of the game or wait until the last minute to shop for gifts, check out these awesome businesses! 

Cinotti's Bakery is a staple in the Jax Beach area. They’re serving up the most decadent and delicious baked goods. From donuts, cookies, pies, and custom cakes, you will be drooling over their colorful display. Every time I walk into Cinotti's I feel giddy like a little kid. My eyes bounce all around to the different shaped cookies that are so wonderfully decorated. My favorites are the coffee donuts (an exclusive winter flavor) and the iced cutout cookies. The iced cookies are always decorated for different holidays and seasons! These cookies are the cutest things you have ever seen.

Olive My Pickle

In the words of Olive My Pickle, “Not all pickles are created equal indeed.” These pickles are made with a lacto-fermentation process resulting in naturally developed probiotic bacteria. Pre and probiotics are vital to a healthy gut. We love supporting other food brands that value health as much as we do! You can read more about their fermentation process here, they are the experts after all. 

Little Black Box Baked Goods

We can’t help but have a sweet spot for Little Black Box. Similar to the FreshJax story, Crystal started baking treats and making jams in her free time to sell at the Riverside Arts Market on weekends. Her natural jams and yummy baked goods were loved by so people that she decided to start her own business! By the way, did you know there are NINE different ways to conserve fruit?! Little Black Box is doing it with less sweetener- we love a healthier alternative! 

Sago Coffee

Whether you are coffee obsessed or a casual bean juice consumer, SagoCoffee welcomes all company. Sago is truly creating more than great coffee, they are brewing a diverse community that encourages conversations for change. Each quarter, 25% of Sago’s profits are donated to a new cause! We love supporting those who believe in Jacksonville like we do. Keep it cool, Sago. 

Heyday! Toy Store

Heyday! brings a bit of Santa’s Workshop right to the heart of San Marco. This local toy store has everything from games, toddler toys, science experiments, and more. Be warned, you might just have too much fun shopping here! While brick and mortar toy stores seem to be few and far between, we are so glad that shops like Heyday! are keeping the magic alive for all of us. 


Rethreaded’s story truly gives me goosebumps. Their mission is to renew hope, reignite dreams and release potential for survivors of human trafficking locally and globally through business. Did you know that the Human Trafficking industry generates $150 billion a year? To combat this horrific industry, Rethreaded employs survivors to work in production, inventory, sales, marketing, and finance/admin. Shop Rethreaded for unique handcrafted gifts while contributing to their incredible cause. We are so proud to support Rethreaded! Have you ever tried our Sunrise Cowgirl's® Coffee Rub? 10% of the sales from this rub are donated to Rethreaded. The Nicaraguan coffee beans we use are survivor made and roasted thanks to Rethreaded and their freedom partner, Social Grounds Coffee Co. 


Hoby’s is a family owned and operated store selling their own craft made goods as well as goods from other local businesses. I find it hard to make my trips to Hoby’s quick because there are so many fun and unique finds here! It is a food lover’s playground with assortments of candies, honey, condiments, loose leaf teas, and SO much more. Visit them online or in store to find something for everyone. You might even see some FreshJax spices there 😉

Studio Jax

Get ready to shake whatcha mama gave ya at Studio Jax! Studio Jax offers unique dance, yoga, and strength classes both online and in studio to help get you up and moving. Anyone can participate in these simple and inclusive  classes. Gift a membership to someone who loves workout classes, or if you love them, have someone get the membership for you! Each class is designed to focus on the Mind/Body connection because they believe the balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body is the key to happiness. Our own FreshJax fam Kiki always raves about how fun their Studio Jax dance classes are!

Community Loaves

There is no denying that there is something magical about freshly baked goods. Loaves of bread that are perfectly crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside.. pastries that were just sprinkled with a blanket of powdered sugar.. ahh do you smell it yet? Community Loaves is a cafe and bakery that uses organic and local ingredients to make their menu items. Be sure to grab a bite to eat and take a loaf of their sourdough bread home with you. 

5 Points Candle Co.

We love stories like the one of 5 Points Candle Co. When wholesaler candle companies let this family down, they took matters into their own hands and created the perfect soy candle! These soy candles are handmade right in Jacksonville and come in many different scents that your nostrils won’t be able to get enough of. They even have a Jacksonville themed candle line! 

SmartBox Healthy Snacks

SmartBox is making the world a healthier place one snack at a time! The owner is a Jacksonville native who is passionate about creating healthy snack options where people spend most of their time. While healthy vending machines are a part of the SmartBox venture, they also make the coolest junk-free snack boxes that include a variety of goodies. As a recent college grad, I can testify that this would have been the PERFECT gift receive while I was away from home! The Smartbox Express option features different snack boxes to choose from like fitness, gluten-free, and vegan that you can send as often as you'd like.

Have a favorite small business in Jacksonville that we didn't mention? Comment what it is down below so we can check it out!

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