The Best Gift Ideas For The Foodies On Your List

This FreshJax Organic Spice 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Will Save You Time And Money. You'll Be Singing "Joy To The World" As You Check All The Foodies Off Your List.

1. For The Indecisive Foodies

Foodie Dice

I can never decide what to cook for dinner. That's why this is the perfect gift for those indecisive family members.  Let the dice decide for them. It'll add creativity to every meal!

Price: $24.00

 2. Your Vegan Friend Who Brings Color To Your Life

The FreshJax Organic Vegan Brunch Gift Set 

This is for the friend who is always brightening your day. Thank them by gifting them the perfect Vegan Brunch Pack. They will love cooking Tofu Scramble® Spice Mix, topping avocado toast with Brunch Life, and adding Maple Cinnamon to fruit salad.  Just add mimosas!

The FreshJax Organic Vegan Brunch Gift Set

Price: $34.99 

3. The Aunt Who Likes To Get Personal

A Personalized Cutting Board

Aunts are like moms who can keep secrets. They watched you grow up and are always there for you. Show them that you care by creating your own personalized cutting board. Your aunt will want to spend more time with you and maybe even cook you dinner!

 Price: $32.00 

 4. The Sibling Who Likes To Make It Their Own

The FreshJax Make Your Own Spice Set

If your siblings love making everything "their own", then they will LOVE this set. You can choose 5 of over 30 organic spice blends that would match your siblings' creativity. Give them a gift that will make memories. They'll want to start having you over for dinner every night. 

The FreshJax Organic Spice Make Your Own Gift Set

Price: $29.99

 5. The Foodie Who's On The Keto Diet

My Southern Keto Kitchen Cookbook by Time To Shrink

Do you have a friend or family member who is on the Keto diet? They will love this cookbook! It is filled with Keto appetizers, soups, casseroles, and marinades. The best part is these recipes are made with FreshJax Spices. 

Time To Shrink Keto Cookbook

Price: $12.00

6. Your Dad: The Grill Master

The FreshJax Organic Grilling Spice Gift Set

If your dad is like mine, he becomes a master whenever he's next to the grill. He can cook anything from fish to meat. He even makes vegan substitutes taste delicious! What is his secret? The FreshJax Organic Grilling Gift Set! It is the perfect gift for any master of the grill. 

The FreshJax Organic Grilling Spice Gift Set

Price: $29.99



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