The Ultimate Gift Guide For Dads Who Are Hard To Shop For

by Kayci Liphart May 23, 2019

Organic Spice Gift Ideas


Is your Dad used to getting socks and ties for Father’s Day? He deserves better. It won’t even be a competition on who gave dad the best gift this year when you choose one of the ideas below. The best part is that there is a gift for every type of dad. Hurry before time runs out!

 1. For The Dad Who Has to Taste Test Everything 

The Grilling Spices Gift Set

Organic Grilling Spices Gift Set

The Grilling Spices Gift Set gives dad plenty of choices. He can cook steak, burgers, and fish with 5 different tasty blends. He might never leave the grill! Your mom will probably thank you. 

2. For The Dad Who Is Bad At Puzzles

Grill Master

Organic Grill Master Spice

You don't have to be a mastermind to use Grill Master.  Burgers have never been so easy! A large bottle of Grill Master might not be enough to get through a week of dad's delicious grilling recipes. It will have you coming back for more. 

3. For The Dad With The Terrible Jokes

Rosy Cheeks

Organic Rosy Cheeks Spice

Knock Knock. Who is there? Just another dad joke! A large bottle of Rosy Cheeks will show dad that you appreciate his humor. Your cheeks are guaranteed to turn rosy red after you taste the smokey and sweet combination this spice has to offer. 

4. For The Dad Who Would Eat Steak At Every Meal If He Could

Peppered Habanero 

Organic Peppered Habanero Spice

This spicy grilling seasoning will have your dad cooking steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Would that really be a bad thing? Fresh habanero is the star in this blend. 

5. For The Dad Who Loves Camping

Smoked Spices Gift Set

Organic Smoked Spice Gift Set

Would your dad rather cook on an open fire in the middle of the woods? This five pack will give him that feeling in his own backyard. Each of these spice blends has a smokey twist that will give a unique and delicious flavor to any meal. 

6. For The Hardcore Dad

Ghost Pepper 

Organic Ghost Pepper Spice

If this is your dad, then he probably doesn't tell too many funny jokes. This pepper is hotter than you think. Your dad probably already brings the heat to the table without food. Give him the spice he needs to turn the heat up even more! He will love using Ghost Pepper in place of plain table salt. 

7. For The Dad Who Is Trying To Get Rid Of His Dad Bod

 Keto Chophouse

Organic Keto Chophouse Spice

Gifting your old man with this spice will show him that you care. He doesn't even have to be on the Keto diet to enjoy this spice. Ginger, rosemary, and turmeric are only a few of the clean ingredients in this no carb blend. It is sure to add flavor to all meats and veggies. 

8. For The Dad Who Thinks He Is A Gourmet Chef

Father's Day Special Three Pack

Organic Grilling Spices

These popular spice blends will give your dad the confidence he needs to become the gourmet chef he already thinks he is. I think all dads deserve to feel special. This gift comes with free shipping, free wrapping, and a free handwritten note. You don't have to do any work! 



Use code DADBOD to receive a super awesome discount. Don’t worry, Dad doesn’t have to know.


Kayci Liphart
Kayci Liphart


Kayci Liphart is our Marketing Coordinator. She graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. With a passion to help others, she loves to create ideas that will help enhance each customer's experience at FreshJax.

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