Grilled Smokey Southwest Zucchini Boats

Grilled zucchini boats with Smokey Southwest Seasoning
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When was the last time your veggies and your grill got to hang out together? This awesome recipe by Higher Grilling BBQ is sure to bring fresh flavor to the whole family by using 4 different FreshJax spices!


Yields 6 servings

Serving size, 1 Zucchini


1) Brown meat, onion, garlic in pan

2) Slice zucchinis in halves, coring with a spoon

3) Heat grill to about 300° - 325°

4) Spray/Rub zucchini with EVOO and salt, lightly

5) Place zucchinis on grill, flesh down, for ~15 minutes or until edges look dry

6) Remove from grill and add meat, season with Smokey Southwest; add cheese

7) Return to grill, bottom side down, for ~10 minutes or until cheese is melted

8) Remove from grill and top with sour cream and Chili Mesquite Lime sauce  

Grilled zucchini with ground beef and shredded cheese
Grilled zucchini with ground beef and shredded cheese topped with sour cream and chili sauce

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