Smoked Salsa Verde and Avocado Sauce

Black bean chips, avocado dip, and salsa verde in colorful bowls on a table.

Everyone Loves Chips And Dip! Try These Two Amazing Dips For Your Black Bean Chips.

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Recipe by: Higher Grilling BBQ

"Take an old classic and give it a new twist! Chips and salsa are a staple for parties but are packed with empty carbs and sugars. Give this healthy recipe a whirl at your next event." - Higher Grilling BBQ



  1. Prep all ingredients (except the limes) for the grill
  2. Coat a small layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (this helps the smoke and seasonings “stick”)
  3. Heat the grill up to no hotter than 150°F (You want to cold smoke these for your dish)
  4. After about 30 mins, remove from grill and let cool if warm
  5. (Creamy Avocado Sauce) ~ Split the ingredients in half and add them to a blender; squeeze the limes and add ¼ cup cold water
  6. Blend until all ingredients provide a smooth and creamy texture
  7. Salt and Pepper to taste
  8. (Salsa Verde) ~ Add the remaining ingredients, minus the avocado, and blend to desired texture
  9. Serve with Black Bean Chips (lower carbs, fat and sugar intake) when chilled or at room temperature

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