Brunch Life® Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning

Brunch Life®  Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning

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“I went to a function where we were given this Brunch Life Spice and my husband and I LOVE IT! We eat Salmon regularly, so we started there, then I put on eggs, now steak and burgers. Delicious!” 

– Kathy, A FreshJax Fan


My favorite way to wake up on the weekends is to the the smell of bacon. 🥓 #1 It means someone else is cooking for you, and #2 Brunch is arguably the best meal. Whether your bacon style is pork, turkey, or tofu, no breakfast spread 🍳 is complete without Brunch Life® Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning.


You won't even hesitate to ditch those cozy blankets 💛 with the promise of perfect breakfast 🥯 food. Through the power of onion, garlic, sesame, poppy seeds, and the perfect amount of Himalayan pink salt, anything can taste like an everything bagel. Whether you’re scrambling eggs or tofu, you won’t be scrambling for flavor!


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      Ingredients: Organic onion, organic white sesame seeds, organic garlic, Himalayan pink salt, organic black sesame seeds, organic poppy seeds.

        Friendly For:

        • Gluten-free

        • Vegan

        • Kosher

        • Whole30

        • Keto

        • Paleo

        • Daniel Fast

        • Mediterranean Diet

        • Nightshade-Free

        Fresh Pairings

        • Eggs

        • Salmon

        • Hummus

        • Grits

        • Kale Chips

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