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Coconut Curry: Organic Spiced Coconut

FreshJax Coconut Curry is organic shredded coconut that has been infused with delicious Thai spices. Go forward with a Green Coconut Curry rice. How about slowing it down with some butternut squash soup using our Yellow Coconut Curry. Or stop, and make some Red Coconut Curry stir-fry for dinner. We have the curry for any crossroads.

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Red: Unsweetened organic coconut, organic ancho pepper, organic coriander, organic white peppercorn, organic paprika, organic onion, organic galangal, organic lemongrass, sea salt, organic garlic, organic lime zest, organic cumin.

Green: Unsweetened organic coconut, organic lemongrass, organic basil, organic spinach, organic onion, sea salt, organic cumin, organic coriander, organic lime zest, organic garlic, organic galangal, organic jalapeno pepper, organic green peppercorn.

Yellow: Unsweetened organic coconut, organic turmeric, organic sea salt, organic galangal, organic coriander, organic fenugreek, organic cumin, organic yellow mustard, organic cracked black pepper. (Onion-Free and Nightshade-Free)

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