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Coconut Curry

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This Thai-inspired seasoned coconut is a great addition to any stir-fry dish! Use it as a gluten-free breading or topping, make curry sauce by adding it to coconut milk, or add it to rice or quinoa while it cooks for instant flavor!



Red: Unsweetened organic coconut, organic white pepper, organic lemongrass, organic galangal (Thai ginger), organic coriander, organic ancho pepper, organic onion, organic lime peel, sea salt, organic garlic, organic paprika, organic cumin.

Green: Unsweetened organic coconut, organic lemongrass, organic basil, sea salt, organic coriander, organic spinach, organic lime, organic onion, organic cilantro, organic garlic, organic cumin, organic green peppercorn, organic jalapeno, organic galangal (Thai ginger).

Yellow: Unsweetened organic coconut, sea salt, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic curry powder.

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