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  • FreshJax Organic Spices Ghost Pepper: Organic Fiery HOT Sea Salt
FreshJax Organic Spices Ghost Pepper: Organic Fiery HOT Sea Salt
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  • spice contains no radiation
  • no gmo, no genetically modified organisms in FreshJax spices
  • no msg, no monosodium glutamatein in FreshJax spices
  • gluten free, FreshJax spices are gluten-free
  • vegan friendly spices
  • Kosher friendly spices
  • spices contain no preservatives, chemicals or any additives, no die or food coloring


Ghost Pepper Fiery Hot Sea Salt

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"Perfect amount of heat and saltiness. I tried this spice last night for the first time on some grilled vegetable skewers. It had a good amount of spicy kick to balance out the sea salt. I know I will enjoy using this in many dishes for me and my husband. Great spice!"

-Holly C., A FreshJax Fan


Do you ever get tired of using plain table salt? Spice things up by using Ghost Pepper Flavored Salt instead. How hot is a ghost pepper? On its own, ghost pepper Scoville rating is over one million. THAT IS FREAKING HOT!


Ghost Pepper blended with sea salt will give all your dishes a delicious SPOOKtacular taste! If you like heat, try this haunting sea salt on avocado toast, pasta, wings, cauliflower, fries, and burgers.


Heat Rating: 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Ingredients: Sea salt, organic habanero pepper, organic cayenne pepper, ghost pepper.


    WARNING: Ghost Pepper is extremely spicy. Contact with skin or eyes may cause irritation.