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As a Brand Ambassador, you will earn easy money, get free FreshJax Spices and will give your friends discounts at!

Here’s how to works:

  1. Get Your Personal Promo Code – This is the easiest part; it’s so easy, we are going to do it for you. We'll email you your promo 1-3 business days. When someone uses your promo code, they receive a 15% discount, and you receive points. You’re welcome to use your promo code when you shop too. Go ahead and test your promo code on a quick order right now! ;-)
  2. Share Your Code – If you want to hook up your friends and family with discounts on delicious spices, you should share your promo code as often as possible. Post it on Facebook with a link to our site. Share it in an Instagram story. Add it to your Pinterest bio. Text it to your mom! You can share the code any way you like, so get creative and don’t be shy!
  3. Profit: Earn cash, delicious spices and help a small family business launch – Every time your promo code is used on, you get points. For every $1 spent with your promo code, you receive 5 points. At the end of every month, we will send you a report of the points you earned. The points can be converted into FREE FreshJax spices or they can be used for cash payouts. From now until 2018 all points are double, so instead of 5 points for every $1 spent, you’ll earn 10 points. Here’s how the points can be exchanged:




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