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  • Organic Certified by Americert International
  • spice contains no radiation
  • no gmo, no genetically modified organisms in FreshJax spices
  • no msg, no monosodium glutamatein in FreshJax spices
  • gluten free, FreshJax spices are gluten-free
  • vegan friendly spices
  • Kosher friendly spices
  • spices contain no preservatives, chemicals or any additives, no die or food coloring


BBQ Seasonings Organic 3-pack Sampler

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Sample a few of our most-loved organic seasonings with the perfect balance of smoky, sweet, and savory. 

This set features:

Grill Master® Organic Burger Seasoning - With its unique blend of black pepper, dill, and paprika, your friends and family will be begging for your grilling secret. Mix directly into your burger meat or use on eggs, vegetables, and roasted potatoes. (No heat)

Ingredients: Organic cracked black pepper, organic onion, organic paprika, sea salt, organic dill, organic coriander, organic thyme, organic garlic, organic fennel, organic rosemary

Rosy Cheeks® Organic Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub - The perfect combination of sweet and smoky you crave... Just sprinkle this seasoning on your meat, beans and veggies for a delicious southern-style barbecue meal. (No heat)

Ingredients: Organic paprika, organic light brown sugar, organic cane juice, organic dried maple syrup, cherrywood smoked sea salt, organic onion, Himalayan pink salt, organic cracked black pepper, organic garlic, organic chipotle pepper, organic mesquite, organic flavors, organic cumin, organic turmeric, organic lemon zest.

Citrus Pepper Organic Seasoning - Zesty flavors of lemon, lime, and orange peel with four types of peppercorn make a unique version of the traditional blend. Use Citrus Pepper on broccoli, chicken, and fish. (Mild heat)

Ingredients: Organic cracked black pepper, organic onion, sea salt, organic garlic, organic lemon zest, organic orange zest, organic lime zest, organic peppercorn.