Thai Spice: Organic Authentic Blend

Thai Spice: Organic Authentic Blend


description & Ingredients

Ā One summer we went to a food festival and a little stand selling authentic Thai food šŸœ caught our eyes and our noses. We kept coming back for more! We couldn't get enough and wanted to bring that flavor into our own kitchen.


Most Thai meals are centered around rice as Thailand is one of the better-known rice growing šŸŒ¾ nations in the world. A typical Thai dinner may include soup, salad, a steamed or grilled main dish, veggies, and different levels of hot sauce for flavoring. Thailand Curries are culturally important and delicious!


We carefully created the FreshJax Organic Thai Spice to show honor and love to the culture of Thailand. We combined many of Thailaindā€™s prominent, exotic, and irresistible spices to create a mild distinct flavor that is delicious on colorful dishes. We love to use this blend on chickpeas, in Thai peanut sauce, and over stir-fried veggies.


    Ingredients: Organic paprika, organic coriander, sea salt, organic cumin, organic garlic, organic turmeric, organic cracked black pepper, organic fenugreek, organic galangal, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic yellow mustard, organic clove, organic nutmeg, organic cinnamon.


    Our 8oz large plastic bottles have a dual sided shaker top- one side for sprinkling and one side for scooping. If you notice on the packaging that the weight of our blends vary, no need for confusion. Our large bottles are 8oz, but different spice blends measure out to be different net weights. For example, an 8oz bottle of Thai Spice weighs 5.2oz while an 8oz bottle of Grill MasterĀ®: Organic Burger Seasoning is 5.5oz.

      Friendly For:

      • Gluten-free

      • Vegan

      • Kosher

      • Whole30

      • Paleo

      • Keto

      • Onion-Free

      • Daniel Fast

      • Mediterranean Diet

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