How To Use FreshJax Organic Mace In Every Day Dishes

FreshJax Organic ground Mace Spice

Cooking with Mace is not as scary as it sounds. FreshJax Organic Mace has health benefits and can surprisingly flavor everyday dishes you feed your family. 

What The Health?

Did you know Mace comes from the nutmeg plant? That's right! Mace contains many key nutrition elements. It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, copper, and many more. When Mace is used in responsible amounts, it can potentially improve digestion, and relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. Essentially, it can tell the nervous system to calm down. 


How Do I Use Mace?

Since Mace is in the same family as nutmeg, you probably guessed that it can also be used in baked goods. It adds flavor to meats such as pork and chicken. It makes dishes that combine meat and veggies taste awesome. Dishes like Chicken Pot Pie and even meatloaf. Mix mace with nutmeg and add it to your eggnog during the holidays. How about soups? Sure! Use a little of it in your favorite crab soup recipe. Crab soup is my favorite! Mace is popular in Thailand so our vegan community is sure to love using it in curry recipes. 


Disclaimer: FreshJax does not give medical advice. You should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting any new diet program or changing your current health meal plan as results may vary. 


Health Benefits:

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