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Who is FreshJax, What Do We Do, and Why Do We Do It?

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Our Founders, Hillary and Jason, Discuss the History and Mission of FreshJax

We LOVE What We Do

The McDonald's: FreshJax's Founding Family

How We Got Started

in 2011, our co-founder Jason, had his doctor tell him something that I think we can all relate to: if his diet didn't change, it was going to be the death of him.

So Hillary, our other co-founder, did the right thing and changed their family's diet completely. They knew this would be a challenge but they were shocked to find that the most painful changes would be to their spice rack.

They threw out any spice that had chemicals, dyes, prevervatives, anti-caking agents or radiation... and there was nothing left. So they began rebuilding their spice collection together, as a couple, with their own organic ingredients.

Out were "Spices" (in quotes), (Spices) (in parenthesis), and Other Spices (which can mean anything!). In went wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce, clearly and proudly labelled.

13 Years later we have taken that same passion for healthy eating all the way from the Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, Florida (our hometown) to kitchens, grills, and potlucks all over the country.

And we couldn't be happier to share this with our FreshJax Friends!

We Get to Help Turn Healthy Food into Delicious Meals

We Are Proudly Certified Organic

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We are Proudly Certified Organic

Ceritfied Organic By AmeriCert

Because Being TRULY WHOLESOME means the world to us, we sought out the highest standard of organic certification available. Find out more about AmeriCert

Certified Kosher by Gesher

By partnering with a LOCAL Kosher Certification organization we are able to ensure that we are meeting the highest policy standard. Find out more about GESHER

Radiation Free

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Free From Gluten, GMO, MSG and Preservatives

Because sometimes it matters just as much what you DON"T put in your products. We are also proud to never use copackers or commissary kitchens. Every blend is made by hand, in-house, in a gluten-free environment.

100% Vegan

Are products are 100% free from animal products.

...And We are Blessed to be Able to Give Back

1 Box Sold = 1 Meal Donated

1 Box = 1 Meal

We discovered pretty early on that helping people is habit-forming.

So we have made it our mission as a Christian company to try and do as much good as we can in our community. And it turns out in our community, like many others, the greatest need is also one of the most basic. 1 in 6 Children in America suffers from food insecurity, and Jacksonville is no different.

A few years into this journey we decided to focus our charitable donations to one specific cause - helping to feed children in need.Ā  That is when we focused on donating to Hunger Fight as well as other charities that support our mission to help others. a local charity that is fighting every day to try and end childhood hunger in our city. We could not be prouder of the work that they do.

Our 1 Box = 1 Meal Program donates one meal to a child in need for every gift set sold. It is a blessing to have had so much support over the years and are joyful to be able to say that this has now provided over 546,268 Meals to kids in need.

We could not be more Thankful.


Meals Donated with Your Support!