Handcrafted organic seasonings and single spices for your kitchen and grill

Experiment and enjoy delicious flavors from your kitchen or grill with seasonings, rubs, herb blends, salts and spices. Browse our products and
you will find organic, non-radiated, non-GMO, no MSG, gluten-free, Kosher, vegan and no preservatives, chemicals or dyes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  • Organic Certified by Americert International
  • spice contains no radiation
  • no gmo, no genetically modified organisms in FreshJax spices
  • no msg, no monosodium glutamatein in FreshJax spices
  • gluten free, FreshJax spices are gluten-free
  • vegan friendly spices
  • Kosher friendly spices
  • spices contain no preservatives, chemicals or any additives, no die or food coloring

A Small Family Business on a Mission to Help Kids in Need

FreshJax® is a family business founded by Jason and Hillary McDonald where we've been handcrafting organic spice blends since 2011. With flavors from around the globe, we make the world’s best organic spices using only pure, organic ingredients for flavorful, healthy seasonings that everyone can enjoy. Our passion is to become part of every meal you serve from your kitchen or grill.

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Join the fight to end childhood hunger

It is our goal to provide 50 million meals to children who are in need. Through our 1 Box = 1 Meal Donated program, FreshJax® donates one meal for every 5-pack of seasonings purchased. This means when you buy from us, you give back too, and we are incredibly grateful to have your support.


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