Exciting Taste Buds, Inspiring Healthy Living, and Ending Childhood Hunger™ 

Donating meals to children in need
Flavoring food without extra calories
All Natural organic spice blends
Unique gifting for every occasion
Brunch Life Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning With Avocado Toast

Whether you’re scrambling eggs or tofu, you won’t be scrambling for flavor with Brunch Life®, our organic, all-natural everything bagel blend!

Bean burgers, beet burgers, and beef burgers alike, will warm you to your core-iander and have you feeling rose-merry with coats of our Grill Master® blend!

Children and mother with Tofu Scramble vegan spice mix

Generous sprinkles of our Tofu Scramble® Vegan Spice Mix will grant you a protein-packed breakfast favorite without the cholesterol and with all the kindness.

Join the Fight to End Childhood Hunger!

Exciting Taste Buds, Inspiring Healthy Living, and Ending Childhood Hunger™ is our mission, and part of our fulfilling this commitment, FreshJax® donates a meal to a hungry child for EVERY SINGLE GIFT SET or 2 LARGE SPICE BOTTLES purchased on our website. That means when you give our spices, you give back, too.

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Organic Grilling Spices Gift Set

FreshJax® Organic Spices are manufactured in the USA with premium globally sourced ingredients that you can feel great about adding to your food.

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