Hog Heaven

Katie's Roasted Cauliflower & Chickpea Tacos

From Katie:

"Was excited to experiment with one of @freshjax’s new spice blends: Hog Heaven! I’m sure it’s delicious on pork as it’s intended, but since we don’t eat much pork in our house, we got a little creative…. Enter roasted cauliflower & chickpea tacos! Bonus: this recipe perfectly fits into my nutrition reset guidelines too - gluten/dairy free & because it’s spices from FreshJax it’s also free of msg and other unnecessary fillers"


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Katie Ghiotto is a health & wellness consultant with an online plant-based personal care and nutrition supplement company. She started researching and caring about what ingredients were used in her personal care products and the food she was consuming in collage after reading some informative books. She loves that now as a career she gets to help educate people about the ingredients in personal care products, make recommendations for healthy options, and guide clients through a 30 day Nutrition Reset program. She is especially passionate about the Nutrition Reset program and showing people that healthy eating does not have to be bland and boring …. which is why she was so excited to find FreshJax to help aid in the healthy flavor! She is married to a Jacksonville Fire & Rescue Lieutenant and has 2 sons, and you can find her cooking up healthy meals for them and enjoying plenty of time in nature with them!