Lavender Sugar Can Elevate Your Culinary Creations! 5 Ways to Use It in Your Kitchen.

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Welcome to a fresh flavor burst called lavender sugar! Culinary enthusiasts ready to experiment with something deliciously different look no further than lavender sugar. It is your secret ingredient for summer treats. It has a delicate floral aroma, and subtle sweetness can elevate food and drinks to a new level of scrumptiousness.

In this blog post, we share five uses for lavender sugar that will leave you craving more. Read on to learn how this exquisite flower can transform your culinary creations to impress your friends or yourself with these delightful treats.

Also, Just the HUGEST Shout-Out to Happy Bake Day for their inspiration and collaboration with our Happy Bake Day Lavender Sugar!

Lavender as a Culinary Ingredient?

You bet!

Lavender is an herb. It comes from the mint family and is related to rosemary, sage, and thyme. Lavender is well known for its beautiful violet flower and green leaves, lesser known are that both the flowers and leaves of the lavender plant are edible. They have a pleasant, slightly bitter flavor. Lavender is commonly grown in the United States, Australia, and Europe. Dried lavender contains very few calories per tablespoon. It is fat and cholesterol-free and widely used in many research-based herbal remedies.

Culinary-grade lavender is recommended for recipes and can be found online and in grocery stores. As a culinary ingredient, lavender works well with savory or sweet, fruity dishes as an herb or flavor infusion.

Lavender Sugar

Lavender sugar is granulated sugar of varying types infused with lavender flowers. Sugar is infused with fresh or dried lavender flowers; over time, the sugar takes on lavender's flavor and subtle aroma. It has a sweet, floral flavor with notes of lemon and citrus. It uses regular white, granulated sugar, brown sugar, or maple sugar. Any form of granulated sugar can be infused with lavender.

This floral sugar is versatile! Lavender Sugar is excellent in various dishes adding a unique flavor and a touch of elegance!

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5 Scrumptious Uses for Lavender Sugar

Baking, Deserts & Other Sweet Treats

Baking with lavender sugar adds subtle floral notes to baked goods. Cookies, cakes, muffins, and scones work well with the flavor of lavender. It can be used as a one-to-one replacement for regular sugar in most recipes, but lavender may only pair well with some flavor profiles.

Lavender complements lemon, vanilla, and berries, enhancing the natural sweetness of each and adding an element of surprise and elegance to baked goods. Due to its versatility and citrusy notes, lavender sugar is excellent for culinary curiosity. It allows for experimentation and creativity in the kitchen, for example, dusting the top of baked goods or adding it into frosting, glazes, or fillings.

Other desserts that work well with lavender sugar include sorbet, ice cream, and custard dishes like CrĆØme BrĆ»lĆ©e and Jams and Jellies. Replacing regular sugar with lavender sugar when making these desserts will add the flavor of lavender, enhancing the dish and creating a delightful surprise for family and friends.

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Cocktail creations are perfectly suited for adding the captivating essence of lavender sugar. Classic cocktails and innovative concoctions benefit from the added complexity of lavender sugar. Replacing regular sugar or simple syrup with lavender will add floral notes that work well with spirits like gin, vodka, or whiskey.

Lavender-infused gin and tonic is a refreshing, sophisticated option. Or creating a lavender simply syrup can add depth to many cocktails, including lavender martinis or spritzers. A fresh sprig of lavender is a beautiful addition to lavender-infused cocktails.

Lavender Syrup

Lavender simple syrup is easy to make using a basic simple syrup recipe and lavender sugar. With equal water and sugar, boil over low heat and simmer until syrupy. Remove the syrup from the heat to cool for about an hour. For an extra eye-catching presentation, you can add purple coloring. Lavender syrup made this way will typically last several weeks when refrigerated and sealed.

Lavender syrup can be used in cocktails and other drinks, frosting recipes, and added to whip cream. It can also be used on its own as a pancake syrup or ice cream topping. You can make a lavender-flavored soda-style drink by adding syrup to sparkling water. The lavender syrup also makes a great hostess gift when presented in a beautiful bottle with some lavender sprigs attached.

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Culinary Seasoning

Lavender pairs well with many foods and is often used with herbs like rosemary, marjoram, savory, and oregano. As a culinary seasoning, lavender alone is often used with rich, fatty meats or sprinkled on roasted veggies. Lavender sugar can also be incorporated into certain savory dishes, although used sparingly due to its sweetness. Some dishes containing sugar that can be enhanced with lavender sugar include tomato-based sauces, salad dressings, barbeque sauce, caramelized onions, and glazes for meats.

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Tea and Lemonade

You can infuse hot or cold beverages, like tea and lemonade, with lavender using lavender sugar. Replacing regular sugar with lavender sugar will instantly add the subtle flavor and aroma of lavender to your drinks.

Tips for Cooking with Lavender

Balance the Flavor: Lavender is strong and can quickly become overbearing. Using it sparingly at first and balancing it with other ingredients is important. Start with a little, then add more!

Use Culinary Grade Lavender: Culinary-grade lavender is specifically grown and processed for culinary purposes and, therefore, safe for consumption.

Experiment with Sweet and Savory: Although commonly associated with sweet dishes, lavender is an excellent choice for savory recipes like roasted meats, sauces, and dressings.

Happy Bake Day Show

Amanda is an AMAZING local creator that we partnered with to help develop our Happy Bake Day Lavender Sugarā€¦ who are we kidding, it was her idea!

ā€¦and so was Lavender Blueberry Pie

and Soft & Chewy Lemon Lavender Cookies:

So when we got the opportunity to collaborate with her on her journey from Banker to Baker we knew we wanted to be a part of that. You can find new episodes of Happy Bake Day every Friday on YouTube, on Instagram if you can't wait, and on her website for detailed recipes. We love Amanda and we know you will too!

FreshJax Organic Spices

FreshJax is your ultimate culinary companion offering a wide range of flavorful spice blends and seasonings. Our blends and seasonings are sure to ignite your taste buds and transform your dishes. We are excited to share our latest organic product collaboration with Happy Bake Dayā€”Lavender Sugar!

Happy Bake Day Lavender Sugar is a delicious blend of culinary-grade lavender buds and premium cane sugar, crafted to add a touch of floral flavor and elegance to your baked goods, sauces, and other recipes. Mix it into frostings or glazes, or sprinkle it as a garnish!Ā Order Fresh Jax Happy Bake Day Lavender SugarĀ online today and check out ourĀ other delicious spice blends and seasonings.

Absolutely Delicious Blend Of Subtle Sweetness ! Iā€™m not a baker but a healthy eater who also happens to love sweets ! So far I have topped strawberries and blueberries, blended with vanilla almond milk yogurt, and added 2 tablespoons to my post workout protein smoothie shake . Incredible idea Amanda and FreshJax !

-Rich K. Verified Lavender Sugar Fan!


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