How To Spend Some Quality Time with Dad

This story is about the time I spent the day with my dad and had the Perfect Father's Day.

Every year, I would ask my dad what he wants for Father's Day, and every year I got the same response, "For my kids to save their money by simply spending some time with their father". Naturally, I never believed him. I would try to find him an extravagant gift and take him out to an expensive restaurant.

Most years, the gift would end up in the back of his closet somewhere, and he would rarely remember what restaurant we went to, no matter how much I spent on the meal. So one year for Father's Day I decided to put my dad's request to the test. I didn't buy him any gifts. I didn't make any reservations at a fancy restaurant. I simply bought some cheap steaks and told my siblings to meet at Mom and Dad's for dinner.

Father's Day came around, and everyone showed up right on queue. I told Dad to make his way to his recliner and put on the sports channel. I went outside and grilled up the steaks. I brought them inside, and we all gathered in the living room around Dad. "No fancy dinner?" He asked. "Nope", I said. "No gifts?" He said looking very confused. I shook my head. A small smile crept up from the corner of his mouth. "Well it looks like you finally decided to start listening to me." My Dad finally got the Father's Day he actually wanted. We spent the whole night with Dad eating, talking, and playing games.

He still talks about that day as the best Father's day he ever had. Because it's true, all Dad really want is to spend some quality time with his kids. That's what the perfect Father's Day is all about.

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