See How Easily You Can Learn To Use Wood Grilling Planks

how to use wood grilling planks

FreshJax Wood Grilling Planks are incredibly easy to use and give your meats a unique and rich flavor. Today I am going to show you how to use these planks, so you can start making simple and delicious meals.

Grilling planks are one of the easiest ways to cook your meats, all while adding the smoky flavor of alderwood. One of the best parts about using these planks is that there is no butter or oil required in the cooking process. The natural oils of the wood are released when heat is added which keeps your meats moist but does not add any additional calories or fat. So not only do wood planks give your meats a unique and rich flavor, but they also help you keep your meals in line with your healthy lifestyle.


  1. Soak the plank in water for 30 minutes. This will ensure that your plank does not catch on fire during the grilling process, and it also provides steam to help cook your food.
  2. Prepare your meat and add your favorite FreshJax spices.
  3. Preheat your oven or grill. Temperatures will vary depending on what kind of meat you are using.
  4. Place meat on top of the plank and place directly into the oven or grill and let cook. There will be no need to flip your food. Cooking times will also vary depending on which meat you are using.
  5. Enjoy! Place meat on a plate or eat directly off the plank. Just be sure to let it cool before setting it directly on a table.


  1. Place the plank by itself in the oven or grill for a few minutes before cooking for even more flavor.
  2. Keep a spray bottle of water nearby in case any unwanted flames do arise.
  3. You can add spices to the water you soak your planks in for extra flavor.
  4. You can reuse the planks a second time by flipping them over to the other side.
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how to use wood grilling planks with freshja organic maple bourbon bbq rub

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