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Liz's Swordfish Kebabs

This Amazing Meal comes to us from Liz@motherofmealss

She is MoM (love the pun!) is a foodie and home cook who specializes in quick and easy restaurant style meals. They are a feast for the eyes, let us tell you!

From the Chefs own Words:

"Swordfish kebabs broiled in your oven are a mouthwatering way to savor summer flavors all year round. Not only do kebabs make a delicious meal, but they are the perfect centerpiece of a fresh and healthy dinner. For these kebabs I simply season skewered cuts of swordfish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and a healthy sprinkle of š“•š“»š“®š“¼š“± š“™š“Ŗš” Greek Seasoning. It is a delightful blend of fragrant herbs like oregano, basil and thyme with a hint of spearmint."

-Liz, @MotherofMealss


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Motherofmealss was born out of the Covid pandemic when most businesses in NYC were forced to shutdown. As a NYC home cook and small business owner, I found myself with more time to devote to my culinary exploits (and more mouths to feed when my grown sons moved back home). I took advantage of the shutdown to share my love of cooking with a broader audience through my blog, ā€œMother of Mealsā€ and on IG, FB and TT. By following my accessible recipes, followers are able to create gourmet meals in their own kitchens.