FreshJax INSPIRED Recipes

Photo of Salsa Negra
Habanero Lime

Grace's Salsa Negra

Elevate your culinary adventures with Grace's Salsa Negra recipe! Bursting with bold flavors and a fiery kick, this authentic Mexican salsa adds a zesty twist to any dish. Created with a blend of c...

bbqSmoked Corn Beef Sandwich on a cutting board with pickles

Marc's West Coast Style Smoked Corned Beef

It is always a good day when we hear from one of Favorite FreshJax Friends Marc (@ales.n.tails) with a new culinary creation.And it is extra awesome when he whips something up with his own Custom A...

BreadLoaf of Sourdough Bread with a heart carved in the crust

Kristin's Sourdough Loaf Made with Love

Get inspired with the beauty of this Loaf of Sourdough Recipe by Kristin Wright. It is filled with love and crunchiness that you will surely love!

entreeChicken Tikka made with FreshJax Spicy Masala

John's Easy Spicy Chicken Tikka

Here at FreshJax we call Seasoning "magic" for a reason. It makes a stunning meal like this surprisingly easy. Get ready to impress with this dish whether it is date or family dinner. Whether you r...


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DipsMasala Dipping Sauce served with naan bread

Grace's Masala Dipping Sauce

Grace's Masala Dipping sauce is the perfect complement to your favorite bread. Get ready to fall in love with a flavor explosion that will leave you craving more.

EntreeLion' Mane Mushroom Steaks

Ornella's Million Dollar Vegan Steaks

Here at FreshJax we believe in eating what makes you feel good. That's what makes us such fans of Lion's Mane Mushrooms. When you can eat something that tastes this good and is also so good for you...

EntreeSliced Pork Tenderloin Plated with egg noodles

Sydne's Slice-of-Heaven Pork Tenderloin

Slice-of-heaven...Hey, we see what you did there!When we launched our New Hog Heaven we knew we had to get it in the hands of of FreshJax Friends and boy did they impress us. This amazing Pork Tend...

BBQHashbrowns covered in Hollandaise Sauce, eggs, and pulled pork

Justin's Pulled Pork Breakfast Hash

Here at FreshJax we believe giving leftovers a second chance is an art. We were happy to discover that we had a kindred spirit in Justin from @mycompletecooking. This recipe was inspired by the AMA...

JennRusset Potato Loaded Nachos

Jenn's Russet Potato Loaded Nachos

Whose recipe is unhealthy?....NACHOS!But seriously (we can be serious... sometimes), This recipe is an incredibly healthy take on what we are pretty sure is the best snack food ever: Nachos! These ...

DipsChili Cheese Dip made with Hog Heaven Pork Seasoning

Liz's Chili Cheese Dip

Looking for the a tasty way to try out your BRAND NEW FreshJax Hog Heaven Pork Rub?This clever recipe will not only make you feel like a pro, but it just might also make you the life of the party.N...

AsianStir Fry Beef and Vegetables next to white rice

Grace's Japanese Beef Stir Fry

To help us celebrate the Launch of our NEW Shichimi Togarashi Japanese 7-Spice, we reached out to our FreshJax Friends to see what culinary creations they were excited to try. Grace replied with wh...

Ales.n.tailsPork Ribs on the grill

Marc's 3-2-1 Method Hog Heaven Spareribs with Riblet Burnt Ends

Our new Hog Heaven is the first blend we have created Specifically for Pork. What better way to welcome it to the family than with a Master Grill by FreshJax Friend Marc with Ales.n.Tails?Have him ...