Fresh Spices Make a Perfect Housewarming Gift


Moving to a new home, a first apartment, or a brand new city is an exciting moment that’s worth celebrating! If someone you love is hosting a housewarming in the brand new place (or even if you wish to send a little something), think about making fresh spices your gift. Freshly dried spices come in handy in the kitchen and can be used in a variety of ways, making them a useful and versatile option for saying, “Congratulations on your move!”

At FreshJax, we specialize in dried,  fresh spices for sale using nature’s best ingredients. Our spice blends feature organic ingredients, no preservatives, and no artificial flavorings. No fillers, only amazing taste!

For the Picky Eater: Gifting spices to someone with tougher tastes to pin down? Try a Make Your Own Gift Set to select spices and salts you know the person enjoys or would be likely to try.

For Adventurous Tastes: If your giftee loves spicy food or isn’t afraid of a little heat, our Hot & Spicy Seasonings Set turns up the temperature! Featuring spice blends with chilis and peppers, this collection is sure to liven up anyone’s kitchen.

For the True Gourmand: Have someone to gift who spends most of his or her time in the kitchen? Then give a culinary tour for the tastebuds with our Full FreshJax Spice Collection. Complete with 25 fresh spices for sale in our collection, this is a generous (and delicious) gift for any aspiring chef on your list!

No matter which spice set you choose, it can be gifted on its own or as part of a gift basket of other culinary delights.

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