Rosemary Lemon: Organic Herb & Citrus Sea Salt

Rosemary Lemon: Organic Herb & Citrus Sea Salt

description & Ingredients

Picture this, you are preparing your favorite rosemary inspired dish and you realize that you have forgotten the main ingredient! You are too busy to run to the store. What do you do? Suddenly, you remember that bottle of FreshJax Organic Rosemary Lemon Sea Salt in your spice cabinet. You breathe a sigh of relief as dinner has been saved.


FreshJax organic rosemary is grounded to perfection for easier and longer lasting use. Rosemary has a piney aroma with a sharp flavor. The tangy and acidic addition of lemon creates the garden fresh flavor you were longing for. Rosemary Lemon is a delicious complement to lamb, chicken, broccoli, asparagus, and more!


    Ingredients: Sea salt, organic rosemary, organic lemon zest.

      Friendly For:

      • Gluten-free

      • Vegan

      • Kosher

      • Whole30

      • Paleo

      • Keto

      • Daniel Fast

      • Onion-Free

      • Nightshade-Free

      Fresh Pairings

      • Brussels Sprouts

      • Asparagus

      • Roasted Carrots

      • Chicken

      • Broccoli

      • Pasta

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