Wood Grilling Planks

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Want to step up your grilling game? šŸ˜¤Ā Meet your friend, The Grilling Plank. These Alderwood grilling planks add a delicious whisper ofĀ earthy and sweet flavors to grilledĀ šŸ”„ or baked food. Order

Perfect Plank Grilled Meal How To:

1. Soak your plank - Soaking your plank for at least 30 minutes before you use it ensures that your plank won't catch on fire from the heat of the grill. It also provides some steam to help cook your food. You can even add spices to your soaking liquid for an extra punch of flavor!

2. Preheat your grill - Try warming your plank on the grill before you add your food for even more flavor. Use indirect heat by lighting two burners and bringing your grill to the appropriate temperature for your food. Place the plank and the food on the grill when itā€™s warmed up.

3. Pairings - The smokiness from Alderwood grilling planks pairs best with white fish, vegetables, and fruit. Even enhance your plant based protein with this cooking method.Ā 

4. Want to get even more out of your grilling planks? Reuse by flipping them over to the other side.Ā 


5" x 11" x 3/8"


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