We Introduced a NEW Flavor Combo - Thai Spices Coconut Curry Set!

A New Flavor Combo Has Arrived: Thai Spices Coconut Curry Set


Here at FreshJax we can't stop, won't stop combining Awesome Ingredients into enticing new flavors.


Thai Coconut Mild Green Curry Bottle, Thai Coconut Mild Red Curry Bottle, Thai Coconut Mild Yellow Curry Bottle

Our newest Seasoning Pack pairs our best-selling Mild Thai Coconut Green, Red, and Yellow Curry mixes with some of our most adventurous spices.

Daring Dunes Hot Harissa Moroccan Seasoning next to a bowl of Chickpea Soup

DARING DUNES - Hot Harissa Moroccan Seasoning brings the heat in our take on the incredibly popular spicy hot sauce from North Africa. It will take our Mild Curry to the next level in both Heat and flavor.


Not Your Madra's Hot Curry Fusion Bottle next to a dish of rice and curry

NOT YOUR MADRA'S HOT CURRY FUSION keeps that heat coming with a unique blend of coriander, cayenne, and cracked black pepper. Himalayan pink salt adds a mellowness that keeps it grounded, just like Mom did!

Thai Spice Bottle Next to Hummus and Veggies

And it just wouldn't be Thai Curry without our THAI SPICE BLEND. We carefully created the FreshJax Organic Thai Spice to show honor and love to the culture of Thailand. We combined many of Thailand's prominent, exotic, and irresistible spices to create a mild distinct flavor that is delicious on colorful dishes.

We are so excited to bring this new flavor combination to your table. We are proud to tell you they were made from the quality organic ingredients you have come to expect from FreshJax. And we are happy to be able to share them with you and your family.

Stay Awesome!

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