Marc's Smoked Daring Dunes Turkey Breast Tacos with Pomegranate Jalapeno Salsa

Daring Dunes Smoked Turkey Breast Tacos

Here at FreshJax we are all about Taco Tuesday, EVERY Tuesday. But when you have a favorite meal, you still have to mix it up sometimes.


That is why we were so excited to see Marc's latest culinary creation. What a wild combination of amazing flavors, and you know what? It works! It works so well! The sweet heat of the Pomegranate Jalapeno Salsa perfectly compliments the savory Daring Dunes Hot Harissa spice. And the Smoked Turkey Breast is the perfect pallet for painting this masterpiece. 

And then you put it on a tortilla and call the thing a taco.


And it is PERFECT.


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