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FreshJax Featured on This vs. That Podcast and Blog

FreshJax Featured on This vs. That Podcast and Blog

FreshJax' Smoked and Grilling Gift Sets were recently featured on the "This vs. That" Podcast and Blog by Carlie Kerechnin

Motherā€™s Day is easy. A bouquet of flowers, beautiful jewelry, or scented candles could all be appropriate gifts, and those are just a few ideas I came up with in the past 20 seconds. But what about dad?

Itā€™s hard to find the perfect gift for someone whose favorite things include turning down the thermostat, falling asleep on the recliner, and watching the nightly news religiously with the dog, the one he swears he didnā€™t want, sleeping on his lap.

This year, I did the work for you. I came across the perfect gift idea- FreshJax gift sets! FreshJax is an organic spice brand with tons of great options to flavor your family grill masterā€™s big day.

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freshjax Organic smoked seasonings 5 pack sampler gift set
FreshJax organic spices grill seasonings 5 pack sampler

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