Sriracha: Organic HOT Sea Salt

Sriracha: Organic HOT Sea Salt


description & Ingredients

"I put sriracha on everything." šŸ¤© If this phrase describes you, then look no further. Sriracha sea salt is our organic take on the beloved hot sauce. Put it on your meats, veggies, and, well, anything.


Plain table salt can get boring if you use it all the time. Sometimes you just want to add heat! That's why we created SrirachaĀ Hot Sea Salt.Ā It makes your life better and easier.


Heat Rating:Ā šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„


    Ingredients: Organic sucanat, sea salt, organic paprika, organic cayenne pepper, organic ancho pepper, organic lime zest, organic garlic, organic lemon zest.


    Our 8oz large plastic bottles have a dual sided shaker top- one side for sprinkling and one side for scooping. If you notice on the packaging that the weight of ourĀ blends vary, it is notĀ the heat playing a trick on you. Our large bottles are 8oz, but different spice blends measure out to be different net weights. For example, an 8oz bottle ofĀ Sriracha HOT Sea Salt weighs 4.4ozĀ while an 8oz bottle of Grill MasterĀ®: Organic Burger SeasoningĀ is 5.5oz.Ā 

      Friendly For:

      • Gluten-free

      • Onion-Free

      • Vegan

      • Kosher

      Fresh Pairings

      • Potatoes

      • Pasta

      • Roasted Veggies

      • Chicken

      • Sauces

      • Hummus

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