FreshJax Organic Spice Gift Sets

Organic Vegan Brunch Gift Set

These three blends are the perfect combination for brunch! From sweet to savory, you'll be enjoying Maple Cinnamon coffee, Brunch Life avocado toast, and Tofu Scramble "eggs" in no time.

Maple Cinnamon: Organic Topping 7.6 oz (215g) - Oatmeal too bland? Maple Cinnamon. Fruit too sour? Maple Cinnamon. Coffee too bitter? Maple Cinnamon. The answer to all your sweet cravings.

Brunch Life: Organic Everything Bagel Seasoning 5.0 oz (142g) - A great way to start any day with delicious, gourmet spices. This flavorful mix of seeds and spices can spice up more than just bagels. Try it on avocado toast, eggs, veggies, and more.

Tofu Scramble Spice Mix 4.8 oz (136g) - All our vegan friends, it's time to bring eggs back into your life. Tofu Scramble takes plain tofu and turns it into those scrambled eggs you've been missing. You may never want a real egg again.

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