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VamPepperĀ® Garlic Pepper Seasoning Organic

VamPepperĀ® Garlic Pepper Seasoning Organic

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We all know Protection from Vampires 101: Use garlic šŸ§„ as a weapon and stay in the daylight. Vampires šŸ§›šŸ½ā€ā™‚ļø despise garlic, right? They did, until we released this new VamPepperĀ® Garlic Pepper Seasoning. It's so delicious, even vampires can't stay away!


"VAMP" up your meals with this Dracula-approved šŸ’œ blend.Ā A unique mix of flavors like garlic, black pepper, and smoked cherrywood salt make a marvelous seasoning for vegetables, chicken, andĀ fish. Ghouls and goblins will come from all over the lands to try a taste.

Ingredients:Ā Organic garlic, organic black pepper, organic onion, Himalayan pink salt, organic cane juice, organicĀ smoked paprika, organicĀ parsley, smoked cherrywood sea salt, organic lemon peel

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