How To Personalize Corporate Gifting With FreshJax Organic Spices

by Kayci Liphart September 17, 2019

FreshJax Organic Spice Gift Sets Selection

Your Clients and Employees Will Love Your Personalized And Unique Corporate Gift From FreshJax Organic Spices. 


Are you looking for a gift that will show your clients that you appreciate them? How about a gift for your employees who work hard each year to make your vision a reality? Show them that you care by sending them a personalized gift from FreshJax.  As the Marketing Leader of a small family business, I know how important it is to show clients and employees how much they are appreciated. This is the group of individuals who will help grow your business.


Why Choose A FreshJax Gift Set?

Spice up your corporate gifting program!

Each of our gift set options are created with love and care. Imagine your client or employee opening this gift for the first time. They will start to imagine all the new memories they could be making while using these unique and easy to use spice blends. Whether that is baking with their kids, grilling with Dad, or crafting new dishes for a picnic with Mom. Each FreshJax Organic Spice Blend was handcrafted with really clean ingredients. Each blend is gluten-free, kosher, and organic. It makes gifting easy for everyone! 



FreshJax Organic Spice Benefits

Does FreshJax Have Recipe Ideas?

Give the gift of flavor!

The best part about gifting someone with a FreshJax Gift Set is the tons of recipes on our website that can help inspire meals for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. If they were gifted the Grilling Spice Gift Set, then they could choose to recreate Pineapple Salsa with Smokey Southwest or a Caramelized Onion and Mushroom Burger with Grill Master. Our spice blends can easily be used in any recipe. FreshJax Citrus Pepper will have your mouth watering if you use it while following this Herbed Citrus Salmon Recipe for inspiration. 

FreshJax Organic Spice Burger, Kabobs, and Corn

What Are My Options?

Heartfelt, handcrafted and creative gift sets!

We have taken the guesswork out of shopping for you with the FreshJax pre-made gift sets. Our most popular gift sets contain five of our 2 oz glass bottles. These gift sets will help you choose which spice blends are your favorites. You can help spice things up with the Hot and Spicy Set or take grilling to a whole new level with our Grilling Gift Set. Check out all the options!


FreshJax Organic Hot and Spicy Spice Gift Set       FreshJax Organic Grilling Spice Gift Set 


How Can I Personalize It?

Each blend was handcrafted with the customer in mind. They turn simple meals into delicious gourmet dishes. Each blend is healthy and easy to use. You can make your own gift set by choosing from our unique selection of handcrafted spice blends. You can even send us your own personalized company note or inserts to include in each gift box.


FreshJax Make Your Own 5 Gift Set


How Much Is This Going To Cost?

If you buy 15 or more gift sets, you will receive free gift wrapping and free shipping. Each gift set is only $24.99. That is amazing news! This gift is sure to create priceless stories that will be remembered for years to come. 


FreshJax Organic Spices Gift Creating Memories

Are you ready to place your order? We can't wait to get started on creating your order with love and care. It means the world to us!






Kayci Liphart
Kayci Liphart


Kayci Liphart is our Marketing Coordinator. She graduated from the College of Business at Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. With a passion to help others, she loves to create ideas that will help enhance each customer's experience at FreshJax.

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