With New Flavors Delivered Right On Time

With The FreshJax ReFresh you and your family can keep your taste buds on their toes with a flavor playlist that will keep Meal Time Fresh all year round.

How Does the ReFresh Work?

We're Glad You Asked!

  • Make It Easy

    Each ReFresh is a collection of Seasoning Blends tailored to your tastes shipped FREE right to your door.

  • Try Something New

    Each box contains 3 Large Bottles of Organic Seasoning as well as the tips, tricks and Trivia you need to make flavor a part of every meal.

  • And Keep It Fresh

    Boxes ship every 3 months with brand new flavors every time including Awesome Collaboration, Limited Run, and Seasonal Blends.

4 ReFreshes to Choose From

Because every Chef has a different audience

FreshJax Classic ReFresh

FreshJax ReFresh

Classic ReFresh

Didn't we see you at the Farmer's Market?

This ReFresh is for the long-time FreshJax Friends who have been with us since the beginning.

We cannot tell you how much your support has meant over the years

Begins With: Rosy Cheeks Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub, Maple Cinnamon Topping, Citrus Pepper Blend

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Grill Master ReFresh Outdoors with a BBQ

FreshJax ReFresh

Grill Master

Does your Apron have a built in koozy and a clip for your tongs?

Then this ReFresh is for you!

We picked these flavors for people who Love to do their cooking between the grill and the picnic table.

Begins With: Rosy Cheeks Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub, Citrus Pepper Seasoning, and Grill Master Burger Blend

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Rosy Cheeks ReFresh Portrait

FreshJax refresh

Rosy Cheeks

Did you inherit your apron from a beloved family member who still inspires you every day?

Then this ReFresh is for you!

We chose these flavors for people who like to do their cooking in a cozy kitchen surrounded by family who are "Helping".

Begins With: Rosy Cheeks Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub, Maple Cinnamon Topping, Authentic Taco Seasoning

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FreshJax Adventure ReFresh Portrait

Freshjax ReFresh


Does your apron have passport stamps?

Then this ReFresh is for you!

The tastes were chosen for the people willing to travel the globe in search of new experiences and isn't afraid to try something new.

Begins With: Authentic Taco Seasoning, Vampepper Garlic Blend, Smokey Southwest Seasoning

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Got Enough On Your Plate?

We want you to enjoy spending time with us. With The FreshJax ReFresh you can:

  • Edit your box by removing things you already have
  • Pause your box until you are ready
  • Skip a box if the next one has you too excited
  • Cancel your current ReFresh so you can try another
Start Your Subscription

Have More Questions? Great!

How many flavors do I receive and how often do they arrive?

Each ReFresh Box has 3 Curated Flavor Blends to try. Boxes ship every three months with brand new flavors.

What do I get with a ReFresh Subscription?

A variety of FreshJax Seasoning Blends! Think of them as a Playlist of Fresh Flavors. Across the months youā€™ll get a curated variety of different blends, and sometimes youā€™ll get a repeat of some favorites. Sometimes you may even get some special previews and limited edition Flavors!

Can I swap my flavors with each delivery?

Absolutely! If you log into your subscription dashboard, you can swap products to make sure you get the blends you want for each delivery.

If you select a FreshJax ReFresh Subscription, we will do the work for you and choose a rotating variety of Flavors. Keep it a surprise, peek if you want to, and skip what doesn't interest you.

What if I end up with too much flavor?

No problem! Easy subscription management allows you to pause or skip any Refresh Box. It's Good Taste on your terms.

Do I have to commit to the subscription?

No commitment necessary. We joke a lot, but we are very serious about one thing:

It's Good Taste on your terms.

How do I manage my Subscription?

It is so easy. Simply log-in to your FreshJax Account and click Manage Subscription. From there you can Edit, pause, skip, or cancel your ReFresh Subscription.

Still have Questions?

We'd Love to help. Call 904-337-9750 (Monday -Friday 8-4 EST) or email us at hello@freshjax.com

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    Because Substitution isn't an option

  • Fresh food deserves fresh spices

    Becuase expired spicecs are just dust

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New to FreshJax?

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1 Box = 1 Meal is our mission

1 Box = 1 Meal

Is Our Mission to End Childhood Hunger

1 in 6 Children in America struggle with Childhood Hunger. FreshJax is proud to partner with Hunger Fight to donate 1 Meal for every gift set sold. With your help, that has prevented 538,154 Meals from being missed.

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Organic Because Wholesome is everything

Certified Organic

Because Wholesome is Everything

we have spent a lot of time reading the labels on seasoning blends and they raise more questions than they answer. From "Spices" to (Spices) to "And Spices" it can be hard to get straight answers. At FreshJax we are proud of our recipes and Love to tell you EXACTLY what's in them.

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