A Triple Dog Dare From FreshJax!

FreshJax Organic Spice Blends, Triple Dog Dare Bloody Mary Mix
FreshJax Organic Spices Bloody Mary Mix and Bacon Salt

FreshJax Has A Spicy Secret To Share When It Comes To How To Create The Perfect Bloody Mary

Psst....Come here....šŸ¤

Did you know the average person can only keep a secret for 32 minutes? Well being that we are far from average, FreshJax has kept one for close to 8 months and we've decided we can't wait any longer.


šŸ»Cheers to the newest additions to our FreshJax family of organic spice blends: Triple Dog Dareā„¢ Bloody Mary Mix and Happy Hamletā„¢ Bacon Salt!Ā 

Check out this teaser recipe for an easy-breezy-tomato-squeezy Bloody Mary featuring this "COMING SOON" spice duo. We realize you may have had many Bloody Marys in your lifetime but this one is unique! It packs major flavor and a bit of a kick. We TRIPLE DOG DARE you to give it a try!

FreshJax Triple Dog Dareā„¢ Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Mix Triple Dog Dare FreshJax
Happy Hamlet Vegan Bacon Salt FreshJax
Triple Dog Dare Spicy Bloody Mary Recipe from FreshJax

So Why Are We So Excited and Eager?

At FreshJax, we are always thinking and creating with our fans in mind. We are relentlessly pursuing good, better, and best for the future of exciting the taste buds, encouraging healthy living, and ending childhood hunger. We can't stop. We won't stop.Ā šŸ’š

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