Coconut Curry

Coconut Curry Sauce

A big plate of rice with coconut curry sauce on top
A big plate of rice with coconut curry sauce on top.

This Fun Recipe Is Featuring FreshJax Organic Coconut Curry!

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Article Author: Hillary

This Coconut Curry Sauce is one of our favorites and is a great way to bring the the unique flavors of Thai food into your home kitchen. I know you will absolutely LOVE it!!!


  • 1 (15 oz) can Coconut Milk (light or original)
  • 3/4 cupĀ FreshJax Coconut CurryĀ (any flavor)
  • Rice and Steamed Veggies (your choice)


  1. Shake can of coconut milk, then open and pour into a sauce pan.
  2. AddĀ FreshJax Organic Coconut CurryĀ and whisk together.
  3. Place pan on stove-top over low heat to warm the sauce.
  4. Pour over rice and veggies!

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