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  • Organic Certified by Americert International
  • spice contains no radiation
  • no gmo, no genetically modified organisms in FreshJax spices
  • no msg, no monosodium glutamatein in FreshJax spices
  • gluten free, FreshJax spices are gluten-free
  • vegan friendly spices
  • Kosher friendly spices
  • spices contain no preservatives, chemicals or any additives, no die or food coloring


Brunch Life™ Organic Seasoning Set

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Are you ready for a boundless brunch? 🥂 Banish all your Sunday scaries with our brand NEW Brunch Life Trio Spice Set. Featuring I've Got The Brunchies™ Seasoning, Brunch Life® Everything Bagel Seasoning, and Maple Cinnamon. A trifecta this good will bring you the grandest weekend brunch spread of all time. 🤩


The hearty brunch recipes you can create are endless with this trio. From sweet pancakes to savory grits, crispy home fries to fresh brewed coffee, mashed avocado toast and decadent casseroles, you'll amaze yourself when cooking with such unique, easy-to-use handcrafted blends. 💛


 This Set Includes:

  • Use Brunch Life® Everything Bagel Seasoning on avocado toast, grits, and salmon


Ingredients: Organic onion, organic white sesame seeds, organic garlic, Himalayan pink salt, organic black sesame seeds, organic poppy seeds.


  • Use I've Got The Brunchies™ Seasoning on eggs, potatoes, breakfast sandwiches, and in casseroles


Ingredients: Nutritional Yeast (Dried yeast, thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), niacin (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B)), Organic Vegan Bacon Flavor, Organic Onion, Pink, Himalayan Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Oregano, Organic Tarragon, Organic Cumin


  • Use Maple Cinnamon in coffee, on fruit, pastries, and pancakes


Ingredients: Organic dried maple syrup, organic cinnamon, organic coconut palm sugar, sea salt.