Happy Bake Day Vanilla Sugar

Happy Bake Day Vanilla Sugar

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We are So Excited to be working with Amanda from Happy Bake Day ( @happybakedayshow ) again on this 2nd Amazing Collaboration Blend. 

This Vanilla Sugar blend tastes (and smells) absolutely fabulous and is here just in time for Holiday Baking. We can also state, for a fact, that is adds sweet, creamy flavor to: cookies, cakes, muffins, and oatmeal. Which is quickly becoming how we test everything...

Life is pretty Great...


Ingredients: Organic cane juice, organic coconut sugar, vanilla extract, organic vanilla beans

Amanda from Happy Bake Day

Happy Bake Day

Hi, I'm Amanda - host of Happy Bake Day.

I'm thrilled about partnering with FreshJax to launch their first line of baking blends.

You can follow me on YouTube with new Episodes every Friday, Check out the finished products on Instagram, or drop by my website and say Hi!

I am always happy to share my journey from "Banker to Baker"!


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