FreshJax INSPIRED Recipes

Russet Potato Loaded Nachos

Jenn's Russet Potato Loaded Nachos

Whose recipe is unhealthy?....NACHOS!But seriously (we can be serious... sometimes), This recipe is an incredibly healthy take on what we are pretty sure is the best snack food ever: Nachos! These ...

Ales.n.TailsCarnitas Tortas served with pickled jalapenos

Marc's Smoked Carnitas Tortas

.Well...This certainly won't help AT ALL in the "is a hot dog a sandwich?" debate.Today Marc has perfectly smoked a pork shoulder (with a little help from our FreshJax Taco Seasoning) and then adde...

jackfruitTwo Jackfuit Tacos next to a sampler sized bottle of FreshJax Taco Seasoning

Jackfruit Summer Tacos Recipe Card

FreshJax Organic Taco Mexican Blend Brings The Whole Family Together On Taco Night! Here is our Awesome Jackfruit Taco Recipe.

RecipeA Tempeh Taco Salad next to a Sampler and a large Sized FreshJax Taco Seasoning

Tempeh Taco Salad Recipe Card

FreshJax Organic Taco Spice Brings Tons Of Flavor To This Colorful Dish. Check This Recipe Out!