FreshJax INSPIRED Recipes

Vampepper Chicken Lollipops with Honey-Soy Glaze and grilled shrimp

Marc's Vampepper Chicken Lollipops with a Honey-Soy Glaze

Sweet and Savory is our favorite combination since Organic and Spices (that's kind of our thing...)This Honey Soy Glaze really brings out the flavor of the meat and boy does the presentation POP. (...

Ales.n.TailsPesto Spaghetti with Vampepper Shrimp

Pesto Spaghetti with Vampepper Shrimp

This fantastic cook came from FreshJax Friend Marc (2Ales.n.tails). We were so Excited to see this not just because Marc is an exceptional chef (which he is), but because we are so in love with Vam...