Burger Seasoning: The Grill Master's Tips On How to Perfectly Season a Burger

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A poll showed that burgers are a popular food choice among Americans, withĀ 1 in 5 people choosing a burger. It also showed that 58% of people choose burgers when dining out.

Burger seasoning is incredibly important if we want to make burgers at home. There is an art to seasoning a burger so that it tastes like it came from a professional kitchen.

We want to invest in certain types of cookware or seasoning options. This can help us to elevate our burger options and become an expert in this area.

Keep reading to find out what kind of burger seasoning tips we should be using for the perfect burger!

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Go With Seasoning Blends

Want to create a mouthwatering burger? Of course, we do! And the best way to do this is where the burger seasoning options.

TheĀ Grill Master blends from FreshJax are some of the best options around. These seasoning options allow us to create a depth of flavor without having a bunch of seasonings.

Want a rich and flavorful barbecue blend? Try out the Rosy Cheeks seasoning blend that is sure to pack a bunch of flavors!

Want a classic burger that is vibrant and zesty? Look no further than the FreshJax Citrus Pepper blend that elevates any burger we have.

Unfamiliar with making burgers? Choosing a blend is your best bet. Even professionals prefer blends since they are convenient and provide the best flavors.

This is also a great way to save money since we donā€™t have to buy a dozen different seasonings. This gives us more money to spend on high-quality ground hamburger meat!

FreshJax Organic Spices Citrus Pepper and Garlic Herb

Mix Different Blends

Another great tip for burger seasoning options is to blend seasonings. Grill Master seasonings are full of mouthwatering flavor, but we can go a step further.

We can combine different burger seasonings to create a new type of flavor. This is a great option if you want to get more adventurous and create our own recipe.

For instance, we can combine the Citrus Pepper blend with the Garlic Herb blend. This will create a bright and flavorful blend that covers all of the bases.

If we have become an expert at making burgers, we can start looking for a way to switch things up. Combining a blend is a great way to do that and try different flavor combinations.

FreshJax Organic Spices Garlic, Black Pepper, and Chili Flakes

Choose Simple Flavors

If we prefer simple flavors, you canĀ try organic spices for a traditional burger. All of the spices at FreshJax are organic, giving us the healthiest seasoning options.

Aside from blends, we can also find plain spices to include in our burger recipe. This includes options like garlic granules, cracked pepper, and chili flakes.

As exciting as seasoning blends are, sometimes we want something more traditional. A high-quality burger doesnā€™t always need a bunch of spices to taste amazing.

Sometimes the best way to create a mouthwatering burger is with a bit of garlic, salt, and pepper. Top it with a crispy bun, tomatoes, and lettuce, and we have an award-winning burger!


Be Generous With Salt

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Just ā€‹ā€‹kidding...

Something that many people failed to do is generously salt their burgers. When choosing hamburger seasonings, we may forget toĀ use enough salt for flavor enhancement.

Salt is the backbone of a good burger, and we need them more than we might think. Most people are afraid of sodium and try to use as little salt as possible in their food.

But if we do this, we risk your burger coming out tasting flat and lacking in flavor. We need it to salt our burger more than we think so that the result is perfectly seasoned.

We need to generously salt both sides of the burger along with our other spices. Keep in mind that we donā€™t have to stick with plain table salt to do this.

We can try other unique options like smoked Cherrywood sea salt and Himalayan pink salt. These add the saltiness that our burger needs as well as some additional flavor.


Season Heavily

Like generously salting our burger, we also need to add more seasonings. Many beginner cooks make the mistake of only using a small amount of burger seasoning in their burgers.

The reality is that some of these flavors are going to be cooked out before we eat the burger. Because of this, you need to add more seasonings than we think for a good final product.

Some people also choose to add seasoning blends to the burger itself. We can do this when we are mixing the meat mixture up so that it has flavor throughout.


How Cooking Methods Affect Burger Flavor

It is also important to remember that how we cook your burger impacts the flavor. This is why cooking over a grill is the most common method for burgers.

This creates a rich and traditional flavor that most people look for in this dish. But you can also cook a burger inside over an oven grill or in a pan.

This will depend on what is accessible to us and the flavor we are going for.


How Cooking Methods Affect Burger Flavor

Burger Seasoning Tips and Tricks

Want to make burgers at home? We need burger seasoning options. A burger is not going to taste like much unless we season it generously to create that perfect bite!

The best way to do this is with seasoning blends or organic spices.

Want to buy a high-quality seasoning blend?Ā Contact us todayĀ at FreshJax for organic and flavorful spice blends.


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