Rosy Cheeks®: Organic Maple Bourbon BBQ Spice

Rosy Cheeks®: Organic Maple Bourbon BBQ Spice


description & Ingredients

“My husband is a little obsessed with his Traeger smoker. He uses it several times a week so we go through this blend of seasonings pretty quickly. It's amazing, especially on smoked pork chops.” 

– Amazon Verified Customer


Imagine you’re on your porch and the tantalizing smells of sweet amber maple 🍁 syrup, strong and smooth Kentucky bourbon 🥃, and earthy smoke waft your way. You follow the flavor trail to find your neighbors using organic Rosy Cheeks on the grill. The fence is the only thing between you and the perfect All-American back-yard barbecue.


      Ingredients: Organic paprika, organic light brown sugar, organic cane juice, organic dried maple syrup, cherrywood smoked sea salt, organic onion, Himalayan pink salt, organic cracked black pepper, organic garlic, organic chipotle pepper, organic mesquite, organic flavors, organic cumin, organic turmeric, organic lemon zest.


      Our 8oz large plastic bottles have a dual sided shaker top- one side for sprinkling and one side for scooping. If you notice on the packaging that the weight of our blends vary, no need for confusion. Our large bottles are 8oz, but different spice blends measure out to be different net weights. For example, an 8oz bottle of Rosy Cheeks®: Organic Maple Bourbon BBQ Spice weighs 6.5oz while an 8oz bottle of Grill Master®: Organic Burger Seasoning is 5.5oz.

        • Gluten-free

        • Vegan

        • Kosher

        Fresh Pairings

        • Chicken

        • Ribs

        • Pulled Pork

        • Seafood

        • BBQ Pizza

        • Baked Beans

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