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Adventure ReFresh

Adventure ReFresh

Endless Flavor. Delivered.

$30.00 Per Box + Free Shipping!

How do you know if the FreshJax Adventure ReFresh is for you?

Does your apron have passport stamps?

The Adventure ReFresh is for you, then!

The tastes were chosen for the people willing to travel the globe in search of new experiences and isn't afraid to try something new.

Every 3 Months a Brand New box of Flavors is delivered to your door with 3 Large bottles destined to be your new favorites.

First Box Contains: Our Authentic Taco Seasoning, Vampepper Garlic Blend, and Smokey Southwest Seasoning

Spoilers Below: Want to see what else is coming later? Check Below!

First ReFresh Box

Authentic Taco Seasoning
Vampepper Garlic Blend
Smokey Southwest Seasoning

[Spoiler!] Second ReFresh Box

Authentic Greek Seasoning
Caribbean Coast Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Bold Bayou Cajun Seasoning

[Spoiler!] Third ReFresh Box

Italian Herb Blend
Sunrise Cowgirl Coffee Rub
Authentic Thai Spice

[Spoiler!] Fourth ReFresh Box

Triple Dog Dare Bloody Mary Mix
Daring Dunes Hot Harissa Seasoning
Not Your Madras Hot Curry Fusion


Shipping on ReFresh Orders is Always FREE anywhere in the U.S.

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  • Large Bottles Mean You Can Enjoy Your Favorites for Longer

  • Every Box Brings New Flavors For You To Enjoy

  • It Makes It So Easy to Turn Healthy Food Into Delicious Meals

Sounds Tasty! Tell Me More....

How many flavors do I receive and how often do they arrive?

Each ReFresh Box has 3 Curated Flavor Blends to try. Boxes ship every three months with brand new flavors.

What do I get with a ReFresh Subscription?

A variety of FreshJax Seasoning Blends! Think of them as a Playlist of Fresh Flavors. Across the months you’ll get a curated variety of different blends, and sometimes you’ll get a repeat of some favorites. Sometimes you may even get some special previews and limited edition Flavors!

Can I swap my flavors with each delivery?

Absolutely! If you log into your subscription dashboard, you can swap products to make sure you get the blends you want for each delivery.

If you select a FreshJax ReFresh Subscription, we will do the work for you and choose a rotating variety of Flavors. Keep it a surprise, peek if you want to, and skip what doesn't interest you.

What if I end up with too much flavor?

No problem! Easy subscription management allows you to pause or skip any Refresh Box. It's Good Taste on your terms.

Do I have to commit to the subscription?

No commitment necessary. We joke a lot, but we are very serious about one thing:

It's Good Taste on your terms.

How do I manage my Subscription?

It is so easy. Simply log-in to your FreshJax Account and click Manage Subscription. From there you can Edit, pause, skip, or cancel your ReFresh Subscription.

Does my Subscription count towards 1 Box = 1 Meal?

Of Course!

It is our mission to to do all we can to help stamp out Childhood Hunger in our community. Every box sent through the FreshJax Refresh Supports our 1 Box = 1 Meal Campaign.

Still have Questions?

We'd Love to help. Call 904-337-9750 (Monday -Friday 8-4 EST) or email us at