Habanero Lime: Organic Hot Sea Salt

Habanero Lime: Organic Hot Sea Salt

description & Ingredients

Tired of plain table salt and having to always add an extra kick to it? Our Organic Habanero Lime HOT SEA SALT is made with pure habanero pepper. On its own, Habanero has a SHU rating of 350,000! That's freaking spicy! 


The delicious addition of fresh lime gives this salt blend a feisty and zesty flavor. Use Habanero Lime as a margarita rimmer to add some heat to your favorite Mexican drink.

    Ingredients: Sea salt, organic habanero pepper, organic lime zest, organic cayenne pepper.

      Friendly For:

      • Gluten-free

      • Vegan

      • Kosher

      • Whole30

      • Paleo

      • Keto

      • Daniel Fast

      • Onion-Free

      • FODMAP

      Fresh Pairings

      • Rice

      • Beans

      • Fajitas

      • Salsa

      • Chicken

      • Burritos

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