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Thai Spices Coconut Curry Set

Thai Spices Coconut Curry Set

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Curries for Everyone, Flavors for the Adventurous!


This exciting Gift Set contains 3 Amazing Thai COCONUT CURRY Flavors and 3 Seasonings from Around the World that can be combined to create your own unique flavors.


We carefully created the THAI SPICE - Authentic Blend to show honor and love to the culture of Thailand. We combined many of Thailand's prominent, exotic, and irresistible spices to create a mild distinct flavor that is delicious on colorful dishes. We love to use this blend on chickpeas, in Thai peanut sauce, and over stir-fried veggies. And of course... Curries!


To make DARING DUNES - Hot Harissa Moroccan Blend we took North Africa's favorite hot sauce and turned it into an aromatic and colorful blend.


Our NOT YOUR MADRA'S Hot Curry Fusion is a little different than the traditional Indian Spice Blend. Himalayan pink salt creates a unique flavor while reducing sodium to make a blend that is both healthier and tastier!


We are so exited to see what Curry and Seasoning Combinations you come up with!

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