Need Gifts For Your Grill Master? FreshJax has got you covered!

The Well-Seasoned Grill Master must have seasonings... and... an an apron... and a koozie.
best gifts for grill master

Gift Baskets Make Great Gifts.Ā Ā 

Ā FreshJax Makes Them Even Better.Ā 

Buying grill gifts for the grilling guru in your life can seem like a daunting task. You are treading in their territory of expertise after all.Ā How do you find the master of grilling something they don't already have? FreshJax, that's how!Ā 


Putting together a personalized gift basket will show the recipient that you really put thought into making their day special. We won't tell them that all you did was follow this blog post. šŸ˜‰Ā 


Just hope that they give a generous thank you by blessing you with the combination of their incredible grilling skills and our handcrafted spices.Ā We are here to share our amazing DIY gift basket idea that even the king or queen of BBQ will love. Here's what to include:


Grill MasterĀ® T-Shirt

the grill master t shirt

What a compliment! The gift of a Grill MasterĀ® T-shirt will be worn with comfort and pride. This men's crew neck shirt is 60% ringspun cotton and 40% polyester jersey. the fabric has been laundered for reduced shrinking to ensure the containment of beer bellies.Ā 


Grilling Spices Gift Set

organic Grilling Spices Gift Set FreshJax

You can't make a Grill Master gift basket without the best grilling spices. The Grilling Spices Gift Set is an assortment of our favorite blends to have on hand when it's time to fire up that grill. This set wows with Peppered Habanero, Fresh Bay, Grill MasterĀ®: BurgerBlend, Smokey Southwest, and Citrus Pepper. Be warned: everyone who eats your FreshJax creations will be bugging you to share your secret and we absolutely encourage you to!

Grill MasterĀ® Can Cooler

I am your Grill Master Can Coozie FreshJax

This high quality elite Grill MasterĀ® Can Cooler is made of neoprene wet-suit material. What does that mean? It means any drink of choice will stay cooler for longer while also making a statement!

A Gift Certificate To Your Local Butcher

Grill Master Organic Burger Seasoning for grilling meats

The masters of the grill know that there is so much variety from one cut of meat to another. Maybe you're not really sure what the heck the difference is between baby back ribs and short ribs. Leave it to the professionals to choose by funding their trip to your local butcher or meat shop.Ā 

Basting Brush

basting brush for bbq gift

Every avid BBQ-er needs a basting brush in their arsenal of culinary tools. This one is easy to clean and can hold up to the battle against the firey grill.




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Unique Sauces and MarinadesĀ 

BBQ Sauces from Hoby's Honey and General Store Jacksonville Florida

These BBQ sauces from Hoby's Honey & General Store in Jacksonville are going to make you want to smother your grilling goods.. but I think that is against grilling rules. Support a small business that packs big flavor by throwing in a bottle or two to complete your DIY gift basket.Ā 

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