Essential Baking Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

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In centuries and even millennia past, people would travel for thousands of miles in search of spices to add some variety to their cuisine. Even today, you can see how much people appreciate good baking spices by the size of the spice and seasoning market. In the United States alone, the market for spices seasonings, and similar products generatesĀ more than $28 billion in revenue every year!

There is an almost endless list of ways to use baking spices. For example, around the world, many cultures have basic foods similar to bread. However, by using their own unique spice combinations, the same basic food item can take on incredibly different flavor profiles.

Many cultures have even spent hundreds or thousands of years developing systems of using baking spices to cultivate health as well.

With the right spices in your kitchen, it can be easy to feel inspired to experiment with new recipes. Read on to learn all about the most essential baking spices every kitchen should have!

The Essential List of Spices Every baker Should be Familiar With (According to us...)

Here at FreshJax we believe that healthy eating and tasty eating go hand in hand. So while we try not to eat too many sweets... we also don't shy away from them. You may not use all of the ingredients below all of the time, but these are the spices we think you should at least be familiar with:


The most essential spices to have in the kitchen might be salt and pepper. However, after that, cinnamon may be the most vital spice to have in your culinary tool belt. In the United States, many people learn how to bake with cinnamon as an ingredient in sweet dishes.

Cinnamon is the perfect way to bring an extra depth of flavor to cookies, cakes, sweet breads, and other desserts. Other cultures also use cinnamon in sweet dishes like baklava, churros, and rice pudding.

However, some types of spices that we use in sweet dishes in the United States are used in very different ways in other cultures. Many cultures have also found amazing ways to use cinnamon to add flavor to savory dishes.

In Indian cuisine, cinnamon is a popular choice for savory meat dishes. You can also try cinnamon in eggplant dishes and savory stews.

Many people are interested in finding healthy spices to add flavor and promote health in the body at the same time.

Many cultures have recommended cinnamon for centuries to help people strengthen their bodies. These days, science has even confirmed that cinnamon is a great way to help lower blood sugar levels.

In general, it is best to use organic spices, especially if you are interested in their healthful properties. Quality cinnamon is full of antioxidants that may also be able to help bring down general inflammation around the body.

If you prefer your baking spices with a milder, more subtle flavor you might consider trying a Ceylon Cinnamon. Ā We think it's pretty tasty. šŸ˜‰ And for the curious we wrote up a little post about it HERE

Star Anise Seed Pods in a bowl

Star Anise

Star anise is a seed pod from Southern China. It has a warm flavor that some people compared to licorice and is one of the five ingredients in the famous Chinese five-spice blend.

You can use it in soups and sauces, but the longer you leave it in, the more it will alter the flavor of the dish. In most cases, it is important to remember to take the start anise out before too long.

Some people say that star anise is a powerful spice for helping alleviate respiratory issues.



Ginger is a great baking spice for things like gingerbread and ginger cookies. You can also add ginger to tea with honey to make a calming and refreshing beverage.

If you want to use ginger in dessert items, you might want to find candied ginger. This type of ginger is prepared in sugar syrup and is especially tender.

Around the world, different cultures also use ginger in curry, soups, and fish and meat dishes. It is also one of the best spices for helping toĀ relieve nauseaĀ and muscle soreness. Some people also say that it works great for helping to bring down their cholesterol levels.



Nutmeg is a seed that is ground into a powder before being used for baking and cooking. Almost any dish you can add cinnamon to is also a good candidate for nutmeg. It is a great choice in putting, eggnog, desserts, and baked goods.

However, nutmeg is also used in savory dishes like potatoes, sausage, and vegetable dishes. It can also be a powerful spice for helping to relieve pain and help people get to sleep.

However, it is so potent that is important to enjoy nutmeg in moderate doses. Taken in extreme quantities, nutmeg can cause nausea.



Allspice is a single spice, but it gets its name from the fact that it tastes like many other common spices but together. Some people say that allspice tastes like cinnamon mixed with nutmeg and cloves. As a result, any dish that uses nutmeg and cinnamon is a good candidate for allspice.

Some cuisines also add allspice to seasonings for marinating meat. Some cultures also recommend allspice for alleviating stomach pains and promoting healthy digestion. In Asia, some people believe that allspice can help warm the body and reduce inflammation.

A Bundle of Vanilla Beans with a flower


Some people think of vanilla ice cream as a basic version of ice cream without much flavor. However, vanilla comes from an exotic plant in South America. It provides a delicious flavor that goes perfectly with a wide variety of sweet dishes.

Some cultures also use vanilla for its purported calming properties and say that it can help uplift distressed moods. It is also a popular choice for aromatherapy.


Enjoy the Most Essential Baking Spices in Your Kitchen

Learning more about some of the most popular baking spices in the world can inspire you to experiment with all different kinds of cuisine. Some of your old favorite dishes can take on new life as you experiment with the different spices you add to them. Once you know how to use a new baking spice, it can inspire you to learn how to cook new dishes that use the same baking spice.

To learn more about how you can find and use the best baking spices at home, reach out andĀ get in touch with us here at any time!



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